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Testing at Covid Pilsen

Covid Drive-in performs RT-PCR sampling in the Hornbach car park and antigenic examination of Covid-19 disease by throat swab. This method is certified for travel. You can also come on foot.

The travel certificate in Czech and English for each test is suitable for trips around the world!

You will receive the results within 36 hours in an email that will contain certificates.
Reservations are mandatory, please bring a signed Request for Examination!
To cancel the reservation, use the link in the confirmation email.

You can download the certificate with the QR code at ocko.uzis.cz, their issuance is the responsibility of the IHIS, not us, and they can appear up to 24 hours after receiving the results. Tečka mobile application is also available.

Children under the age of 18, persons vaccinated with at least 1 dose and patients who cannot be vaccinated are entitled to 5 Preventive PCR tests paid for by the health insurance company, and this is recorded in the ISIN system.
Antigen tests are not covered by health insurance!

Confirmatory PCRs are provided only to employees on the basis of confirmation from the employer, a self-employed person with a completed affidavit and children with confirmation from the school. They do not apply to home tests!


Our Tests

free of charge
Preventive PCR paid under health insurance, or patients with a request from a doctor/hygiene station.
Result within
36 hours by email with a travel certificate for free!
CZK 1,000
Result within 36 hours by email with a travel certificate!
We accept card and cash payments on site.
CZK 200
Quick tests with shorter infectivity time.
The price includes a travel certificate.